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  • 3D-L4000 with VisionPro

Optimize your product quality with high-speed, high-resolution 3D inspections

The 3D-L4000 with VisionPro combines laser triangulation with advanced image formation to create highly-detailed, three-dimensional renderings of parts under inspection. From these topographical renderings, you can capture precise measurements of every surface-level feature including length, width, height, tilt, and volume.

With a rugged, IP-65 rated design and a compact form factor, the 3D-L4000 with VisionPro easily fits into any production environment and offers manufacturers of all size:

  • A versatile solution to automate both 2D and 3D vision tasks
  • Full factory calibration to simplify deployment
  • Contrast independent inspection for higher detection capability
3D-L4000 with VisionPro product photo


Three 3D-L4000 laser displacement sensors and upright vision controller

Complete 2D and 3D machine vision solution

  • Meet any application requirement with an extensive range of sensor options and the ability to combine 3D and 2D cameras
  • Quickly deploy inspection, OCR, and presence/absence applications with intuitive software
  • Connect up to four 3D displacement sensors for centralized management

Full factory calibration for easy setup

  • Achieve micron-level accuracy
  • Prevent misalignment and motion errors
  • Generate measurements in real-world units
  • Establish consistency across production lines
  • Achieve higher resolution and accommodate wider fields of view
  • Simplify multi-head analysis with 3D image stitching
Right-facing 3D-L4000 displacement sensor with calibration icon
Characters being read on surface of tire

Contrast independent inspection

  • Detect objects on challenging backgrounds, including reflective surfaces and dark parts against dark surfaces
  • Generate intensity data of different regions concurrently
  • Enhance texture of 3D visualizations for more accurate inspections
  • Solve a wide range of vision tasks with height, volume, plane-fitting, and tilt tools

Optimize image formation in real-world settings

The 3D-L4000 with VisionPro includes patented, speckle-free blue laser optics that enable the system to capture higher quality images than traditional laser displacement sensors. This type of laser optics minimizes speckle and glare, common problems for 3D laser systems.

Animation comparing blue speckle-free laser and red laser with speckle

Blue speckle-free laser line (left) and red laser with speckle line (right)



  VP 3D-L4033 VP 3D-L4050 VP 3D-L4100 VP 3D-L4300
  1K 2K 1K 2K 1K 2K 1K 2K
Measurement range Clearance distance 93.00 mm 92.00 mm 130.00 mm 180.00 mm
Z-axis (height) Measurement range 44.00 mm 106.00 mm 235.00 mm 745.00 mm
X-axis (width) Near field of view 33.00 mm 55.00 mm 75.00 mm 95.00 mm
Middle field of view 36.00 mm 72.50 mm 127.50 mm 277.50 mm
Far field of view 39.00 mm 90.00 mm 180.00 mm 460.00 mm
Laser (light source) Wavelength 450 nm
Laser class 2M
Output power 45 mW
Spot size (middle field of view) 72 μm 110 µm 181 µm 240 µm
Sensor Data points/profile 960 points1 1920 points 960 points1 1920 points 960 points1 1920 points 960 points1 1920 points
X resolution Top 34.4 μm 17.2 μm 57.3 µm 28.6 µm 78.1 µm 39.1 µm 99.0 µm 49.5 µm
Bottom 40.6 μm 20.3 μm 93.8 µm 46.9 µm 187.5 µm 93.8 µm 479.2 µm 239.6 µm
Z resolution Top 1.7 μm 2.5 µm 4.4 µm 6.9 µm
Bottom 2.7 μm 6.9 µm 25.9 µm 147.5 µm
Z repeatability2 Top 0.5 µm 0.5 µm 1 µm 2 µm
Bottom 0.5 µm 0.5 µm 1 µm 2 µm
Z linearity3 0.06% of full scale (F.S.) 0.06% of full scale (F.S.) 0.04% of full scale (F.S.) 0.05% of full scale (F.S.)
Temperature characteristics 0.01% of F.S./°C
Environmental resistance Housing protection4 IP65
Operation temperature5 0–45 °C (32–113 °F)
Storage temperature -20–70 °C (-4–158 °F)
Maximum humidity <80% (no condensation)
Vibration 10 to 57, double amplitude 1.5 mm X,Y,Z, 3 hours in each direction
Shock 15/6 msec
Scan rate Up to 4 kHz (after windowing down the sensor)
(6Up to 6 kHz)
Housing material Aluminum
Weight 0.94 kg
Dimensions 150.5 mm x 101 mm x 45 mm
Power supply requirements 24 VDC +/- 10%, 750 mA minimum
Inputs Trigger, differential/single ended encoder, laser interlock
Trigger Input voltage limits: Trig+ - Trig - = -24 VDC to +24 VDC
Input ON: >10 VDC (>6 mA)
Input OFF: <2 VDC (<1.5 mA)
Encoder specifications Differential: A+/B+: 5–24V (1.0 MHz max) A-/B-: Inverted (A+/B+)
Single ended: A+/B+: 12–24V (1.0 MHz max) A-/B-: VDC = ½ (A+/B+)
Interface Gigabit Ethernet interface
Integrated link and traffic LEDs
Standard M12-8 X-coded female connector
Software Compatibility VisionPro 9.9 SR1, Cognex Designer 4.4.3
Vision Tools 3D Pattern Finder, Height, Tilt, Plane-fitting, Volume and Cross-section, PatMax, IDMax®, and OCRMax™

1 Only available when binning is enabled in the camera settings.

2 Z repeatability is measured an average of 100 times over a pointcloud using a 4x4 mm area, at the middle of the measurement range.

3 Z linearity is the maximum deviation of 250 position measurements on the measurement range, where a measurement is the average of 2 profiles using the standard Cognex target.

4 From the standard ambient temperature 21 °C (70 °F).

5 Mounted to a 400 mm aluminum bar along the camera’s fins (parallel to the camera) on top of the vision system.

6When binning is enabled and the FOV is windowed down.

  VP 3D-L4033 VP 3D-L4050 VP 3D-L4100 VP 3D-L4300
Clearance distance (CD) 93 mm 92 mm 130 mm 180 mm
Near field of view 33 mm 55 mm 75 mm 95 mm
Far field of view 39 mm 90 mm 180 mm 460 mm
Measurement range (MR) 44 mm 106 mm 235 mm 745 mm


Simplify complex applications without losing functionality

The 3D-L4000 laser displacement sensor is programmed using VisionPro software. VisionPro is a PC-based development environment that enables users to automate a wide range of functions, from inspection and identification to measurement and alignment. A full library of vision tools, combined with the intuitive QuickBuild interface, offers fast, flexible job configuration.

The easy-to-use QuickBuild interface provides a graphical approach to application development, allowing users to visually define and tune their application, without special programming or coding. Modular tool blocks allow users to create and reuse components, further simplifying setup and shortening cycle times.

For more challenging vision tasks, the QuickBuild interface offers advanced scripting and provides .NET C# programming options for additional flexibility in building custom applications or manually configuring jobs by code. 3D-L4000 with VisionPro is also compatible with Cognex Designer.

Computer screen showing VisionPro software user interface



Manufacturers, machine builders, and system integrators across all industries deploy 3D-L4000 laser displacement sensors to automate inspection, guidance, and measurement applications. These industry-agnostic solutions make it simple to integrate automation into any factory setting.

Measure heights and tilts of components to assess misalignment.

Verify the correct volume for portion control.

Detect missing objects in packaging by measuring height.

Identify surface-level defects.

Read embossed or raised characters.

Detect proper alignment between objects and ensure consistent gapping.

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