AD-4991 Series

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AD-4991 Series

X-ray Inspection Systems

Protex AD-4991 Protex AD-4991
With its compact design, and cutting-edge X-ray technology, the ProteX Series X-ray inspection system provides next level quality assurance.
PDFBrochure (PDF 4.2 MB)
PDFBrochure for AD-4991-4530 (PDF 1.7 MB)
PDFUser's Handbook (PDF 1.1 MB)



 Most compact system on the market.
 Simple GUI with a 15'' color touchscreen provides for easy operation
 Quick and stable product setup
 Comes standard with contaminant detection, shape, counting, positioning and mass estimation inspections capabilities.
 Suitable for use in HACCP program
 Easy cleaning and replacment with quick release belt and curtains
 Stainless and sloped surfaces minimize water collection and maximize cleanability.
 Safety sensors are embedded at access points to provide additional safeguards against X-ray exposure.




15"Color Touchscreen for Easy Operation

Protex AD-4991
  • Simple GUI for Operators of all types.
  • Easy to discern good products from bad products.


Shape detection Protex AD-4991 Choosing an inspection item Protex AD-4991 Monitoring parameters Protex AD-4991

Easy Product Setup

  • Setting up a new product requires three passes through the machine.
  • Inspection thresholds will automatically be configured based on the sample that was registered, making product setup foolproof.

Versatile Inspection

Not only contaminant detection, but product integrity inspection such as shape, counting, positioning, and mass estimation come as standard.

Shape inspection Protex AD-4991 Counting inspection Protex AD-4991 Positioning inspectio

 Mass estimation inspection 

Protex AD-4991


Data Management and HACCP Compliance

Export production reports, statistics, and image via USB or access on the machine in real-time.

Rejects Log Protex AD-4991 Production Charts Protex AD-4991 Inspection Summary Protex AD-4991


Sanitary Design

Sloped surfaces are designed to minimize water collection and maximize cleanability.

Histogram display screen Histogram display screen
Quick release belt designed for easy cleaning and replacement. Quick release curtains allows for easycleaning and replacement.

X-ray Safety

Histogram display screen Histogram display screen
Safety sensors are embedded at accesspoints to provide additional safety. Machine Faults are visually displayedallowing operators to quickly fix and resume operation.


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Model AD-4991-2510 AD-4991-2515 AD-4991-3530 AD-4991-4530
Conveyor width 250 mm 350 mm 450 mm
System length 800 mm 1000 mm
Conveyor height 720-860 mm
X-ray output 100 W (50 kV_2mA) 150 W (50 kV_3mA) 300 W (75 kV_4mA)
Conveyor speed 10-45 m/min 10-70 m/min 10-45 m/min 10-40 m/min
Conveyor load capacity 5 kg 5 kg (10-30 m/min)
4 kg (30-40 m/min)
3 kg (40-60 m/min)
2 kg (60-70 m/min)
5 kg 10 kg (10-30 m/min)
8 kg (30-40 m/min)
Operation temperature / humidity 0-35 ℃ / humidity 30-85 % RH (with no condensation)
Dust / water resistance specifications IP66 for inspection room
Power supply Single phase AC100 to 240 V (±10 %), 50 / 60 Hz, D class grounding *1
The maximum power consumption Approx. 570 VA *2 Approx. 670 VA *2 Approx. 900 VA *2 Approx. 1 kVA *2
Weight Approx. 90 kg Approx. 105 kg Approx. 165 kg Approx. 225 kg
Display 15-inch touchscreen color display
Casing material SUS304
Belt Antifungal/antibacterial Polyurethane compounds
Shilding curtain Tungsten
X-ray safety Leakage less than 1 μ Sv/h
Communication functions 1000BASE-T (for PostScript printer, Modbus TCP and X-ray image output)
RS-232C or RS-485 (for serial communication printer, Modbus RTU [only RS-232C] and product interlock [only RS-485])
USB (for PostScript printer, X-ray image output and product image import use) *4
External input Non-voltage contact input 8 points *3
External output Relay output 8 points *3
Number of recorded items 1000 items (10 groups x 100 items)
Beam diagram (mm) Protex AD-4991 Protex AD-4991 Protex AD-4991 Protex AD-4991

*1 The cable doesn’t come as standard.
*2 The maximum power consumption when a Rejector is connected.
*3 8 points can be added with an option.
*4 USB flash drive should be formatted in FAT32.



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