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  • The total package: speed, simplicity and flexibility

Simplify barcode reading operations with a single reader

The DataMan 380 is an image-based barcode reader that provides insightful, actionable data by capturing and tracking product and package information in high-speed operations.

The DataMan 380 delivers:

  • Greater throughput: powerful, AI-assisted decoding accelerates throughput during multi-symbology reading.
  • Reduced rework: a wide field of view (FoV) and advanced image formation technology capture clear images in challenging environments for reliable reading.
  • Simplified deployments and setup: extensive FoV enables a single DataMan 380 to replace several conventional readers.


A graphic displaying packages on a logistics conveyor line with clearly marked 1D and 2D barcodes.

1D/2D QuickSort accelerates throughput by locating codes faster with AI and simultaneously decoding 1D/2D codes.

Have it both ways: high speeds, high read rates

Run your logistics lines at the highest speeds while maintaining exceptional read rates and close package proximity with 1D/2D QuickSort™. This embedded technology delivers exceptional read rates during high-speed operations by leveraging AI to quickly isolate barcodes using a single processor.

One device offers greater traceability and throughput

Improve throughput with an extensive FoV that covers larger surface areas across manufacturing and logistics lines. The combination of a high-resolution imager and advanced decoding technologies enable the reader to cover greater areas and scan damaged and obscured barcodes, increasing throughput and read rates. 

A graphic illustrating how a wider field of view enables the DataMan 380 to capture more codes than traditional readers.
DM380 HPIT animation

Modular, flexible design for any application

Enhance scanning coverage and minimize exposure times for greater throughput. Red and white lighting options optimize illumination in various applications.

Seamless Modular Vision Tunnel Integration

Cognex Modular Vision Tunnels (MVT) elevate the speed and efficiency of sortation, inbound receiving, and outbound logistics operations. These 1-6 sided logistics solutions offer multi-sided barcode reading and handle a range of package volumes and box gaps, without sacrificing accuracy.

DataMan 380 readers sorting packages by rapidly reading barcodes on a logistics conveyor belt.


Lens Type C-Mount or Cognex High Speed Liquid Lens Autofocus.
Trigger 1 opto-isolated, acquisition trigger input.
Discreet Inputs 1 opto-isolated, acquisition trigger input.
Up to 3 general-purpose inputs when connected to the Breakout cable.
VIL: ≤ ± 6 V
VIH: ≥ ± 12 V
I TYP: 4.2 mA @ 24 V
Discrete Outputs Up to 4 outputs when connected to the Breakout cable.
I MAX: 50 mA
VOL: ≤ ± 3 V @ 50 mA
Status LEDs Pass/Fail LED and Indicator Ring, Network LED, and Error LED.
Codes 1D barcodes: Codabar, Code 39, Code 128, Code 93, Code 25, Interleaved 2 of 5, UPC/EAN/JAN
2D barcodes: Data Matrix (ECC 0, 50, 80, 100, 140, and 200), QR Code, PDF 417, MaxiCode
Network Communication 2 Ethernet ports, 10/100/1000 BaseT with auto MDIX. IEEE 802.3 TCP/IP Protocol.
Supports DHCP, static, and link-local IP address configuration. One port supports TSN networks.
RS-232: RxD, TxD according to TIA/EIA-232-F
Power Consumption 24 V DC +/- 10%
LPS or NEC class 2
Power consumption without USB device attached:
Average ≤ 15 W without illumination
Average ≤ 40 W with illumination
Peak ≤ 2 A
Power Output 24 V DC at 1.0 A maximum to external light.
Material Die-cast and extruded aluminum housing.
Finish Painted.
Mounting Four M3 threaded mounting holes.
Pattern: 38.5 × 58.5 mm (1.52 × 2.60 in)
Weight DataMan 380 with no accessories attached: 775 g (27.3 oz).
Case Temperature 0° C to 40° C (32° F to 122° F)
Storage Temperature -20° C to 80° C (-4° F to 176° F)
Humidity < 95% non-condensing

Array of FOV diagrams for DataMan 380


  DM3808 DM3812 DM3816
Sensor Type 1/1.1-inch CMOS 1/1.1-inch CMOS 1.1-inch CMOS
Image Sensor Properties Diagonal size: 11.1 mm
Pixel size: 2.74 μm (H) x 2.74 μm (V)
Diagonal size: 14 mm Pixel size: 2.74 μm (H) x 2.74 μm (V) Diagonal size: 16.8 mm
Pixel size: 2.74 μm (H) x 2.74 μm (V)
Maximum Image Resolution (pixels) 2840 × 2840 (8.06 MP) 4096 x 3000 (12.28 MP) 5320 x 3032 (16.13 MP)
Electronic Shutter Speed Minimum exposure: 15 μs
Maximum exposure: 200 ms


1D/2D QuickSort

1D/2D QuickSort™ is a proprietary algorithm that leverages artificial intelligence to decode multi-symbology labels up to three times faster than conventional methods. The technology enables DataMan 380 readers to simultaneously read multiple codes, labels, and packages even when there are short package gaps on the line.

Cognex modular vision tunnels scan various barcode symbologies.

DataMan Setup Tool

DataMan-Setup-Tool example shown on monitor

DataMan Setup Tool software provides intelligent auto-tuning and application assistants to quickly optimize complex parameters with ease.

See More Codes with Every Shot

High-Definition Range Plus (HDR+) is an innovative technology that improves depth of field, line speeds, and code handling increasing image contrast to create a more uniform image in a single acquisition.

A rendering of two packages in close proximity, which makes uniform lighting difficult and obscures side-mounted barcodes.

Packages in close proximity inhibit uniform lighting.

An image of a package with obscured barcodes caused by poor lighting and close proximity to another package.

Irregular lighting obscures barcodes and reduces read rates.

An image enhanced by HDR+, which illuminates poorly-lit barcodes to make them readable.

HDR+ facilitates higher read rates while maintaining close package proximity by creating uniform images.

A graphic showing a DataMan 380 reading barcodes on packages with varying heights.

Instantly adapt to irregular shapes

High-Speed Liquid Lens (HSLL) technology facilitates high-speed, high-variability applications by autofocusing the reader without mechanical parts. Fast autofocus simultaneously enhances coverage and minimize exposure times, increasing throughput. 

Multi-Reader Sync (MRS)

Multi-reader sync (MRS) synchronizes multiple readers for extended field-of-view coverage or multi-side scanning. The primary reader collects data from secondary readers and communicates the results to the control system. Onboard high-speed connectivity allows a DataMan 380 MRS network to easily offload all relevant images while maintaining image quality.

A graphic of DataMan 380 barcode readers positioned at different angles to acquire images.

Cognex Edge Intelligence Tunnel Manager

Aggregate, and analyze data from multiple devices for insights into tunnel performance, vendor compliance, and more to improve operational efficiency and revenue recovery initiatives.





Dock Door Scanning

Simplify logistics facility operations by using one DataMan 380 to replace several traditional barcode scanners.

Ship Sorting

A large field of view and AI-assisted decoding enable rapid ship sorting during complex, multi-symbology operations in logistics warehouses.

Pallet Code Reading

Quickly scan an entire pallet of products or packages with a single DataMan 380 in a logistics warehouse.

Robotic Sorting

Reduce manual interventions and streamline efficiencies by scanning products and packages as they are transferred by a robot.

Hands-free Reading

Increase throughput and reduce rework by quickly scanning and decoding codes with a wide FoV and color-coded operator feedback.

Tire Identification

Capture images of large objects and quickly read barcodes.

Product Aggregation

Quickly read multiple codes in a box or tote.



1D Symbologies








Code 25


Code 39


Code 93


Code 128


Interleaved 2 of 5



MSI/Plessey Barcode

2D Symbologies

Data Matrix


QR Code




Stacked Codes



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