In-Sight L38 3D Vision System

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In-Sight L38 3D Vision System

AI-powered 3D inspection system delivers fast deployment, ease of use, and reliability

Backed by artificial intelligence, the In-Sight L38 is a next-generation 3D vision system that allows manufacturers to perform highly reliable inspections.  

Using a combination of powerful optics, industry-proven vision technology, and embedded AI, the system captures detailed 3D images and analyzes depth information to detect subtle features and measure them against pass/fail thresholds.  

In-Sight L38 solves a range of inspection, measurement, and guidance applications with accuracy to ensure every product meets high quality standards, down to the smallest detail.

  • Improve inspection reliability and throughput with AI and advanced imaging 
  • Maximize operational efficiency with fast, easy deployment 
  • Scale your automation with a flexible vision platform 


3D point cloud image of glue bead under inspection

AI and 3D technology deliver reliable inspection results

Using advanced AI and 3D imaging technology, the In-Sight L38 identifies subtle and variable features, and measures variances against defined tolerances. With each use, the embedded AI learns and adapts, improving the ability to detect even previously unseen anomalies to ensure continuous improvement and operational efficiency.

Powerful optics reveal fine details for better quality control 

In-Sight L38 offers advanced optics on-device, with no external lighting required. Speckle-free and high-powered laser lines maximize contrast, even against challenging surfaces, and generate high-resolution images to improve the accuracy of automated inspections. 

Unique, high-powered laser line quickly scans parts for higher throughput
  • Delivers fast acquisition rates to support high line speeds 
  • Meets Class 2 safety standards, eliminating the need for expensive enclosures and allowing users to make adjustments without stopping the line 
  • Offers 5X more light than conventional sensors to enable image acquisition at greater distances 
Patented, speckle-free laser reduces optical noise to create high-contrast images 
  • Minimizes speckle and glare, common problems for 3D laser systems
  • Captures higher resolution images than traditional laser displacement sensors 
  • Delivers the most consistent laser line in the industry for more reliable scanning 

Full suite of 2D and 3D tools meets a range of automation needs 

Whether users need 3D depth perception for complex tasks or the simplicity and speed of 2D vision for standard applications, In-Sight L38 has both. The integration of 2D and 3D technology increases capabilities, while delivering detailed results, for flexible performance and reliable error-proofing. 

2D image, 2D project image and 3D point cloud image of brake pad
In-Sight Vision Suite interface showing part under inspection

Unified software platform offers easy scalability 

Flexible development options allow users to start with graphical training for simple applications and seamlessly transition to spreadsheet programming for more advanced applications. This unified approach ensures a seamless experience, allowing users to switch between the two interfaces and configure applications with ease. 




Model ISL38-33 ISL38-50 ISL38-100 ISL38-300 ISL38-500
2K 2K 2K 2K 2K
Measurement range Clearance Distance 93.00 92.00 130.00 180.00 600
Z-axis (height) Measurement Range (mm) 44.00 106.00 235.00 745.00 1100
X-axis (width) Near field of view (mm) 33.00 55.00 75.00 95.00 405
Middle field of view (mm) 36.00 72.50 127.50 277.50 744
Far field of view (mm) 39.00 90.00 180.00 460.00 1082
Laser (light source, Blue or Red) Wavelength (nm)   450 (blue) 450 (blue), 640 (red) 445 (blue), 638 (red)
Laser class   2M
Output power (mW)   45 mW 45mW (Blue), 48mW (Red) 300mW (Blue), 280mw (Red)
Spot size (middle field of view) µm 72 110 (Blue), 140 (Red) 181 (Blue), 235 (Red) 240 (Blue), 350 (Red) 360 (Blue), 480 (Red)
Sensor Data Points / Profile   1920 1920 1920 1920 1920
X Resolution Top (µm) 17.2 28.6 39.1 49.5 213.0
Bottom (µm) 20.3 46.9 93.8 239.6 574.0
Z Resolution Top (µm) 1.7 2.5 4.4 6.9 42.0
Bottom (µm) 2.7 6.9 25.9 147.5 302.0
*1 Z Repeatability Mid (µm) 0.5 0.5 1 2 10.0
*2 Z Linearity (% of Full Scale [F.S.]) +/-0.06 +/-0.06 +/-0.04 +/-0.05 +/-0.1
Temperature characteristics (% of F.S./⁰C) 0.01
Environmental Resistance Housing protection IP65
*3 Operation temperature (⁰C) 0°C - 35 ⁰C without heat sink, 0°C - 45 ⁰C with heat sink
Storage temperature (°C) -20 to 70 °C
Relative humidity <80% (no condensation)
Vibration (Hz) 10 to 57, double amplitude 1.5 mm X,Y,Z, 3 hours in each direction
Shock (G) 15 / 6 msec
Scan rate up to 7 kHz (after reducing the measurement range size) (*4up to 10kHz)
Housing material Aluminum
Weight (Kg) 0.94 1.28
Dimensions (mm) 150.5 x 101 x 45 200.5 x 101 x 45
Job/Program Memory 32GB
Image Processing Memory (RAM) 8GB
Power supply requirements 24VDC +/- 10%, 750mA minimum
Inputs Trigger, differential/single ended encoder, laser interlock
Trigger Input voltage limits Trig+ ― Trig - = - 24VDC to +24VDC
Input ON > 10 VDC (> 6 mA)
Input OFF < 2 VDC (< 1.5 mA)
Encoder specifications Differential A+/B+: 5―24V (1.0 MHz max) A-/B-: Inverted (A+/B+)
Single Ended A+/B+: 12―24V (1.0 MHz max) A-/B-: VDC = ½ (A+/B+)
Interface Gigabit Ethernet interface
Integrated link and traffic LEDs;
Standard M12-8 X-Coded female connector
Communication Protocols TCP/IP, PROFINET, EtherNet/IP, SLMP, ModbusTCP, (S)FTP, RS-232C

Working distance diagram for In-Sight L38 3D vision system

Product Lens to Laser Angle (Measured at the center of field of view)
L38-33 41.0 degrees
L38-50 34.6 degrees
L38-100 22.0 degrees
L38-300 10.3 degrees
L38-500 9.6 degrees

*1 Z Repeatability is measured an average of 100 times over a pointcloud using a 4x4 mm area, at the middle of the Measurement Range. 

*2  Z Linearity is the max deviation of 250 position measruements on the Measurement Range, where a measurement is the average of 2 profiles using the standard Cognex target. 

*3 Mounted to a 400 mm aluminum bar on top of the camera. 

*4 When enable binning and the FOV is windowed down. Calibration at 21°C ambient temperature 


Common software platform offers flexible development options

In-Sight Vision Suite software is common across all In-Sight products and includes two programming environments — spreadsheet and EasyBuilder®. Start with EasyBuilder, a wizard-like training interface designed for simplicity, and transition at your own pace to the more advanced, flexible spreadsheet programming. In-Sight Vision Suite uniquely integrates these two approaches, providing a seamless experience within the same platform that allows users to efficiently scale their automation. 

Download software from MyCognex

EasyBuilder development environment simplifies setup 

With point-and-click training, the EasyBuilder interface within In-Sight Vision Suite is ideal for setting up simple or common jobs. The intuitive process guides developers step-by-step through setup, from image capture to the final result and beyond, allowing both new and experienced users to configure reliable vision applications. 

Spreadsheet supports advanced applications

The spreadsheet interface is ideal for building complex and highly customized applications. Robust in design, this development environment gives users the ability to make critical adjustments to job parameters and modify applications to address new requirements. 

Extensive toolset meets a wide range of needs

The In-Sight L38 is embedded with a full suite of 2D and 3D vision tools and AI technology. This library of tools includes industry-proven, rule-based algorithms, as well as innovative, easy-to-use edge learning tools, which can be used individually or combined for ultimate flexibility in solving error-proofing applications. With example-based training and no experience needed, these tools simplify the development of both 3D and 2D applications for fast implementation.

2D image, 2D project image and 3D point cloud image of brake pad

    Easy-to-use edge learning brings the power of AI to anyone 

    Edge learning is a subset of AI that uses a pre-trained set of algorithms to automate vision tasks in minutes. Training is simple, requiring as few as 5 to 10 images with no advanced programming or AI expertise needed. Powered by edge learning, ViDi EL tools deliver fast processing speeds to increase throughput, keep pace with operations, and deliver fast, reliable results in real time. 

    ViDi EL Segment (3D)

    Advanced applications, such as those involving the detection and measurement of difficult-to-see defects, often require the use of multiple vision tools. In-Sight L38 easily solves these applications, with just one tool – 3D ViDi EL Segment. This tool detects challenging defects, gauges variances in three dimensions, and delivers results in real-world units to streamline workflows and deliver high reliability.

    3D point cloud images of croissants being inspected

    ViDi EL Segment (2D)

    The ViDi EL Segment tool segments images to extract particular regions for targeted inspection. The region can include any type of feature on a part that users want to identify, from unwanted defects to critical components. Users train the tool by marking the region(s) of interest on an image and assigning it a class. After training just a few sample images, the tool learns to reliably segment the right features, even with varied parts and complex backgrounds. 

     AI-powered segmentation tool inspects glue bead path on automotive component


    ViDi EL Classify (3D/2D)

    The ViDi EL Classify tool identifies and sorts objects into classes based on user-defined features, characteristics, or defect types. Capable of discerning visually similar, but different objects, this tool classifies defects into different categories and correctly identifies parts with variation. Along with the ability to assign multiple classifications, users can set up multiple regions of interest to inspect different sections of the target object. 

    In-Sight L38 3D vision system mounted over production line inspecting electrical components

    ViDi EL Read (2D)

    The ViDi EL Read tool deciphers a variety of text and font types using AI-based optical character recognition (OCR). It reads multi-line text, as well as characters against challenging backgrounds, including reflective, low-contrast, and non-flat surfaces. ViDi EL Read can also be quickly redeployed to handle new text and accommodate process variations. The tool offers two training modes to address character reading applications of varying complexity: 

    • Pre-trained mode – reads characters right out of the box for simple applications 
    • User-trained mode – allows users to train characters to solve more complex applications

    Imprinted text being read on crimped end of tube




    With 2D and 3D vision tools, AI capabilities, and a unified software platform, the In-Sight L38 3D vision system solves a variety of industrial automation challenges, from assembly verification and robotic guidance to quality inspection and beyond. The system provides an industry-agnostic solution that allows users to future-proof their operations, maximize throughput, and improve the accuracy of inspection results, regardless of the task at hand. 

    Find subtle defects on the surfaces of parts 
    Inspect for and classify variable defects 
    Read text on low-contrast backgrounds
    Read imprinted text, even with minimal contrast 
    Measure glue on boxes to ensure consistent application 
    Locate parts in variable positions and close proximity 

    Download Datasheet

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