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  • L68 Series

Advanced imaging and fast processing for applications that require high accuracy and high speed

The L68 Series laser displacement sensors are designed to optimize product quality by providing detailed 3D inspections. These easy-to-use sensors create three-dimensional renderings of parts under inspection by combining laser triangulation with advanced image formation. Surface-level features, such as length, width, height, and tilt, are then measured from these renderings with micrometer accuracy.

Able to work in the harshest factory settings, the L68 Series offers high performance in a compact, IP65-rated form factor. These powerful 3D vision sensors provide manufacturers across all industries with a cost-effective solution for automating challenging 3D vision tasks, including inspection, guidance, and measurement applications.

L68 3D laser displacement sensors in side profile, centered, and left-facing orientations


L68 Series 3D laser displacement sensor facing downward and casting a blue laser line

Key Features

  • Blue laser technology generates high-quality 3D images, up to 4000 3D points and <0.5 µm vertical resolution
  • Off-the-shelf, pre-calibrated hardware allows for easy factory integration
  • High-speed 3D image acquisition allows for increased production line speed and maximizes throughput
  • Full software suite and access to extensive 3D vision libraries enable rapid application setup
  • Low operating temperature reduces power consumption and improves metrology performance
  • Industrial, compact housing offers stability and flexibility for machine and robot integration

Optimize quality and speed up deployment with factory pre-calibration

Each sensor unit in the L68 Series is individually calibrated using reference points within the field of view and measurement range. This unique calibration method corrects different types of distortions and deviations including:

  • Perspective distortion
  • Lens distortion
  • Laser non-linearity
  • Manufacturing tolerances
Target/sight icon overlaid on product photo of L68 Series 3D laser displacement sensor

Maintain your competitive edge with innovative technologies

Several core technologies differentiate the L38 Series in the 3D sensor market. These include integrated optics, optimized resolution, and advanced filtering.

Integrated Optics

Laser optics and vision lenses icon

Embedded optics and laser illumination eliminate the need for lenses and lighting to be evaluated, tested, and purchased for every application.

Optimized Resolution

Icon showing a magnifying glass inspecting a 3D cube

Integration of the latest technology enables more precise measurements, detection of smaller defects, and more reliable control than other 3D sensors.

Advanced Filtering

Image filtering icon with upward pointing arrows

Unique filtering process generates highly accurate images of products with complex surface features, such as glass, specular, and highly reflective surfaces.



Field of view (FOV) 25 mm
Typical measurement range 20 mm
Stand-off distance 65 mm
Typical vertical resolution 0.9–1.4 μm
Typical lateral resolution 5.0 –7.0 µm depending on FOV
Z-linearity 0.005%
Z-repeatability 0.2 μm
Laser wavelength 450 nm (brilliant blue laser)
Laser class 2 (standard), 3R (optional)
Maximum points / 3D profile 4096
Weight 742g
Typical scan rate 1 Up to 40 kHz
Typical 3D point rate 1 Up to 163 million points/sec
Interface Gigabit Ethernet (1 Gbit/sec)
Inputs 2x Inputs (5–24 VDC)
Quadrature Encoder (AB-Channel, RS-422 standard)
Outputs 2x Outputs, 24 VDC (max. 20 mA)
Trigger The following triggers are supported: START Trigger support on Input 1
DATA Trigger support on Quadrature Encoder Input (Max. DATA trigger rate: 1 MHz)
DATA Trigger support on Input 2 (Max. DATA trigger rate: 5 kHz)
Input voltage 24 VDC, ±15%
Power 10 W
Maximum ambient light 10,000 lx
EMC test as per EN 61 000-6-2, EN 61 000-6-4, EN 61326-1:2013-07
Electrical safety as per EN 61 010-1
Protection class as per EN 61 010-3
Laser safety inputs 24 V DC ±15%
Enclosure rating IP67
Air humidity Maximum 90%, non-condensing
Temperature 0°C–40°C (operation), -20°C–70°C (storage)
Compatible accessories Power-I/O-Encoder cable: 6.320.0XX
Ethernet cable: 6.303.0XX in 5 m or 10 m



Deploy 3D applications, quickly and reliably, with powerful vision tools in a flexible programming interface

The L68 Series runs on Cognex VisionPro® software. VisionPro is a PC-based software combining best-in-class vision technologies in an easy-to-use development environment. Powerful enough to automate the most challenging applications, VisionPro leverages extensive tool prototyping to enable rapid deployment of highly-customizable applications.


Industry-leading vision tools

Wrench and screwdriver icons representing vision tools

Full set of AI- and rule-based tools solves a range of applications

Intuitive development environment

Gear icons overlaid on computer screen representing an intuitive GUI

Graphical interface with drag-and-drop programming simplifies setup

Performance optimization

Icon showing upward arrows to represent performance optimization

Robust design accommodates multi-core and multi-threaded processors

    QuickBuild Workflow

    Using the QuickBuild™ graphical interface and point-and-click training, you can easily configure acquisition settings, select and optimize tools, and make pass/fail decisions, with no prior programming experience required. Modular tool blocks enable users to quickly create and reuse components, further supporting fast and flexible deployment.

    Steps of the QuickBuild workflow




    The L68 Series 3D laser displacement sensors solve challenging inspection, measurement, and robotic guidance applications. With a compact design that packs power into a small form factor, these 3D sensors make it simple for manufacturers, machine builders, and system integrators, across all industries, to integrate automation into their production lines.

    L68 laser displacement sensor mounted on robot arm performing final assembly verification on PCB boards

    Verify proper assembly of components.

    L68 laser displacement sensor suspended above conveyor belt identifying gaps in smartphone components

    Measure gaps to ensure correct alignment.

    L68 laser displacement sensor suspended above production line reads text on surface of tires

    Read text on low-contrast backgrounds.

    L68 laser displacement sensor mounted on robot arm inspecting metal welding

    Detect defects in complex welded assemblies.

    L68 laser displacement sensor mounted on robot arm completing flush and gap inspection on car exterior

    Perform flush and gap inspections to check for misalignment and variations.

    L68 laser displacement sensor suspended above conveyor belt inspecting onions

    Build a 3-dimensional model to manage automatic sorting systems.

    L68 laser displacement sensor suspended above conveyor belt inspecting glue application on cardboard boxes

    Inspect and measure the volume of glue on boxes.

    L68 laser displacement sensor suspended above conveyor belt measuring correct placement of sealant

    Measure sealant on the housing to ensure even application.

    L68 laser displacement sensor suspended above conveyor belt inspecting metal moldings

    Verify parts conform to original CAD data.

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