Heavy Duty Checkweigher AD-4943B

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Heavy Duty Checkweigher AD-4943B

Large Capacity (30 kg) Checkweigher with LCD touchscreen
Checkweigher AD-4961
Photo: AD-4943B-30K fitted with optional parts
          (conveyor stand, indicator stand, and attachment kit for display stand)
AD-4943B series are Checkweighers that are fitted with a 7-inch color touchscreen and can weigh heavy items packaged in carton boxes or placed on a pallet.
PDFBrochure (PDF 1.7MB)


 Large capacity Checkweigher: 30 kg
 Operation screen: 7-inch color touchscreen
 Storable product info: Up to 1,000 products (including product images)
 Connectable to Barcode Reader allowing automatic switching of the product to be weighed. (*Barcode reader shall be prepared by the customer.)
 Data such as Weighing Result and Operational History can be output to a USB flash drive.
 Weighing Data management and User management
 Various communication methods: RS-232C, RS-485, a USB flash drive, LAN cable, wireless LAN, etc.
 Selectable Weighing modes: Passing weighing, Stop weighing, or Static weighing
 Feedback control by weighing result

Application Example

Final Inspection of Packaged Boxes

  • Can be used as the final inspection step in your production line by checking whether some items in a box are missing by weighing the box.
  • Many logistics centers and production plants for food, cosmetics, machine parts industry, etc., adopt a checkweigher in their final inspection phase.

Feedback Control by Weighing Result

  • Weighing results can be fed back to another system upstream of the production line.
    *Image below is an example of feedback to a filling machine.



Easy Operation

  • Operated by a 7-inch color touchscreen.
    GUI on the touchscreen makes it very easy to understand and operate.
  • Up to 1,000 products can be registered and categorized into 10 different groups.
    An image of each product can also be quickly and easily registered from a USB flash drive.
  • Configuring settings is very simple.


Connectable to Barcode Reader

  • AD-4943B can be connected to a barcode reader (*) in the same processing line.
    By reading the barcode on a product, the product settings are automatically switched to those of the scanned product.
*Barcode reader shall be prepared by the customer.

 Data Management

  • Weighing data can be automatically summarized and can be output to a USB flash drive as a PDF file.
  • The data is helpful for management of HACCP.



*The above is an example from a different model, but the format is the same as the AD-4943B series.

  • AD-4943B can automatically record Weighing History and Operational History.
    The records can be displayed on the touchscreen and can be output to a USB flash drive as csv files.
  • AD-4943B can display and output checkweighing summary data and X/R control charts.
    X Control Chart shows average values and R Control Chart shows the gap between maximum and minimum values.


  • Operational History shows a record of the changes made to the settings and is also helpful for management of HACCP.
  • To operate the device, user name and user level are registered.
    For each user registered, you can limit the operations they can perform depending on their user level.
    Inadvertent operation can be avoided by assigning each user a user level from the four levels below.


Various Communication Methods

  • AD-4943B has various interfaces: RS-232C, RS-485, a USB flash drive, LAN cable, wireless LAN, etc.
  • AD-4943B can communicate with devices supported by Modbus without a program through serial communication and/or TCP/IP communication.


(Machines/devices that communicate via Control I/O is connected via a relay board in the weighing unit.)

Wireless LAN

  • Weighing data can be checked on tablets, smartphones, laptops, etc., via Wireless LAN.
    *Wireless LAN can be used depending on the regulations in your region.
    *Wireless LAN receiving sensitivity depends on the radio wave environment.
      Caution is required when performing continuous monitoring.


*The above is an example from a different models, but the format is the same as the AD-4943B series.

Remote Maintenance

  • Touchscreen can be operated from a PC via a LAN cable connection using device operation software for PC.
  • By utilizing remote control software to control another PC, the touchscreen can be operated from another PC.

- This is useful for remote maintenance since engineers can check machine settings even if the AD-4943B is in a remote place.
(Please prepare separately, a LAN cable, PCs, device operation software for PC and remote-control software.)


Selectable Weighing modes (Automatic operation)

  • Passing weighing:
    Weighing without stopping conveyor while product is passed along the conveyor.
  • Stop weighing:
    Weighing with stopping conveyor after the detected product enters the conveyor.
  • Static weighing:
    Weighing with stopping conveyor after detected product enters the conveyor and is in a stable state.


Weighing Unit

Model AD-4943B-30K
Electric frequency 50 Hz 60 Hz
Capacity 30 kg
Accuracy ±20 g
Readability 5 g
Weighing unit kg, g, lb and oz (lb and oz can be used in U.S.A. version.)
Conveyor speed 18.9 m/min 22.6 m/min
Throughput 18 pcs/min 22 pcs/min
Max. size of the weighed product Length 500 mm 480 mm
Width 350 mm 350 mm
Height 500 mm 500 mm
Conveyor Belt conveyor
Control I/O 5 input points (via relay board, NPN open collector)
5 output points (via relay board, AC 250 V, 5 A or DC 30 V, 5 A)
Power Drive roller* AC 200 V, ±10 %
(3 Phases, 0.5 A)
Indicator AC 100-240 V
(+10 %, -15 %, approx. 30VA)

*Please prepare inverter or transformer for the area where voltage is other than 200 V.


Model AD-4943B-30K
Analog unit
Input sensitivity Over 0.15 μV/d (d=minimum division)
Zero adjustment range -35 mV to +35 mV (-7 mV/V to +7 mV/V)
Load cell excitation DC 5 V, 60 mA up to 4 load cells (350 Ω)
Remote sensing function included
Temperature coefficients Zero: ±0.02 μV/℃ (Typ.)
Span: ±3 ppm/℃ (Typ.)
Nonlinearity 0.005 % of F.S.
Sampling rate 4,000 times per second
Digital unit
Number of digits 0-999,999 d
Display 7-inch color TFT LCD with touchscreen
Registered products
Number of product registration Up to 1,000 products
General specifications
Operating temperature -10 to 50 ℃
Operating humidity 85 % RH or less (no condensation)
Dust/water protection Compliant with IP65 (when mounted on a panel)
*Requires option AD-4412-10.
Standard interface
Communication interface RS-232C, RS-485, USB2.0, LAN, Wireless LAN



AD-4942-08 Conveyor stand for AD-4942B-30K/AD-4943B-30K
AD-4412-02* Relay with 9 output points AC 250 V, 3A or DC 30 V, 3A
AD-4412-05* Parallel I/O DI 16 points, DO 16 points
(NPN open collector DC 40V, 50 mA)
AD-4412-07* Analog output 1 ch 4-20 mA or 0-10 V
AD-4412-17* Additional analog output module 4-20 mA or 0-10 V
(Maximum 4ch by adding 3 pcs of AD-4412-17)
AD-4402-25 Indicator stand
AD-4412-11 Attachment kit for stand
(Required when AD-4402-25 is selected)
AD-4412-10 Panel mount bracket
*These options are assembled at the factory only when the equipment is first assembled.
  These options cannot be added after the equipment is shipped from the factory.

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