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Excellence Results.The ICS689 compact scale product line features a rugged design that has IP69K protected terminals with platforms engineered to the latest hygienic guidelines to make this scale perfectly suited for wet, harsh, or hygienic environments.

Efficient Weighing Procedures

An optimal combination of terminal and weighing platform leads to less production failure and improves your productivity.

Track and Trace Your Results

Meet your customer and regulatory requirements with our user management, alibi memory, routine testing, and calibration log features.

Ergonomic Design for Operator Comfort

Easy over/under checkweighing via the colorWeight® function improves your throughput. Changing menu settings is easy and comfortable, too.

Material No.: 30664652015

Specifications - ICS689-CC60 

Maximum Capacity 100 lb (60 kg)
Readability 0.005 lb (2 g)
Material Stainless Steel V2A (AISI 304)
Repeatability (sd) 0.0018 lb (0.8 g)
Protection Rating IP69k
Scale Interface Analog
Platform Size (LxHxW) 31.5 in x 5.28 in x 23.62 in (800 mm x 134 mm x 600 mm)
Display Color TFT screen
Readability (Certified) 0.02 lb (10 g)
Interfaces RS232
Housing Stainless Steel
Repeatability 0.005 lb
Repeatability, typical 0.8 g
Repeatability, (typical) 0.0018 lb
Application Software Pick&Pack
Dynamic Weighing
Simple weighing
Over Under Checkweighing
Hazardous Approval Non-Hazardous Area
Environment Wet & Harsh Wet (≥IP66)
Legal for Trade NTEP
Hazardous Area Non-hazardous area
Interfaces (Optional) USB
Discrete I/O
Mounting Flexibility Table/Wall/Column
Hygienic Design Yes
Platform Type Bench Scale


ColorWeight® Speeds Up Production

Save time and money with the smart colored display, making weighing applications such as completeness checks or portioning simple, fast, and less error prone. The colorWeight® display indicates at a glance if weight or count is below, within, or above target.


Configurable to Your Needs

You can choose between three different ways to mount the terminal relative to the platform in order to ensure optimum ergonomics. A wide variety of platform sizes and capacities up to 600 kg are available to best fulfil the requirements of your application.


Powerful Database

Store up to 5000 articles and materials in the scale-embedded database together with relevant parameters such as target weight, tolerances, and tare values.


Traceability with Reliable Printers

METTLER TOLEDO industrial printers and peripherals reliably document your weighing and process data with ease. Optimize your printer and peripherals with our software for designing labels and storing custom templates.


Data Management Software

Managing the data from your weighing systems is important for maintaining an efficient production process. Our data collection and monitoring solutions help control the operation of your scale terminals as well as track information generated by them.


Benefit from Our Weighing Know-How

Our free GWP® Recommendation ensures you have the right scale for your weighing process. With years of weighing expertise, we can support you with scale selection, installation, cleaning, routine testing, calibration and maintenance.


Comprehensive Service Offering

Our services include installation and qualification, calibration, maintenance, and routine testing to ensure your scale is fit for purpose and meets industry standards and regulatory requirements. Customize your service package to meet your precise needs.



ICS689 and ICS429 Metal Keypad   ICS689 brochure


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ICS689 and ICS429 Metal Keypad   ICS689 and ICS429 Metal Keypad

ICS689 Combi Bench Solutions   ICS689 Combi Bench Solutions

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